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Ampersand Essential Oils

Vanilla Absolute

Vanilla Absolute

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From lattes to candles to ice cream, the sweet warmth of vanilla has been a timeless favorite among basically everyone. (If you don’t like vanilla…what are you doing with your life?) It’s a preferred scent for perfumes, body lotion, and hand soap. It’s a top ingredient for cakes, cookies, and yogurt. If you’re not sure what scent to diffuse in your house, Vanilla Absolute is an easy pick. No one has ever walked into a house that smells of vanilla and exclaimed “Gross!” We guarantee it. 

Not only does Vanilla Absolute offer a delicious scent, but it promotes relaxation and helps calm anxiety. (It’s impossible to be anxious when your thoughts are filled with vanilla ice cream, right?) The oil also boasts anti-inflammatory effects. It’s hard to beat that!


Latin Binomial:  Vanilla planifolia

Partner Farm: Veda Oils

Location Origin: India

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Plant Part Used: Resinoid, Vanilla Beans

Scent Profile: Strong, sweet

Viscosity: Thin

Endorsements: Fair Trade

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