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Ampersand Essential Oils

Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute

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Being a woman can be tough. If you’ve ever struggled with PMS, gone through childbirth, faced postpartum depression, or suffered from uterine pain, you understand perfectly. Womanhood is not for the faint of heart. 

Enter Jasmine Absolute, the essential oil that offers an oasis of strength during your most challenging days. This oil provides support during childbirth, helps with PMS symptoms, and fights against postpartum depression. Not only that, but Jasmine Absolute helps with insomnia, anxiety, and tension. 

Rediscover your feminine strength and joy, and become empowered to face whatever challenges stand in your way. Remember that you’re bigger than your obstacles.


Latin Binomial:  Jasminum grandiflorum

Partner Farm: Veda Oils

Location Origin: India

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction

Plant Part Used: Flowers

Scent Profile: Sweet, floral, strong

Viscosity: Medium

Endorsements: Fair Trade

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