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Ampersand Essential Oils



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We all have times when we suffer from anxiety, lose our concentration, or struggle to fall asleep. Thankfully, we don’t have to stay that way—not when relief is literally growing in the grass!

Vetiver, one of the best essential oils for insomnia, is distilled from the roots of a perennial grass native to tropical Asia. Not only can Vetiver bring stability to a racing mind, but it has long been used in traditional medicine for relief from everything from parasites to snakebites to the flu. In Thailand and the Philippines it was even used to dissolve gallstones and soothe stomach troubles. Vetiver is also great for women struggling with postnatal depression and PMS.


Latin Binomial:  Vetiveria zizanioides

Partner Farm: Nisarga Farms Organic

Location Origin: Himalayan Plains, India

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Plant Part Used: Grassy roots

Scent Profile: Cozy, woodsy, grassy, strong

Viscosity: Thick

Endorsements: Fair Trade

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