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Ampersand Essential Oils

Clove Bud

Clove Bud

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In the 1300s, a deadly disease called the Black Death swept across Europe, wiping out millions of people. The ones who lived through those dark days in Europe had a powerful ally– an essential oil called Clove.  

Clove has strong immune-strengthening properties, which explains why it was so prized during the Plague. Blended with other essential oils, Clove essential oil was used as a protectant from the disease.  

Besides defending against diseases, Clove essential oil has been used traditionally for gastrointestinal issues, liver problems, cholera, malaria, and candida. It's anti-infectious and has been used for tooth infections. Clove has also been used traditionally in soaps and perfumes.


Latin Binomial:  Eugenia caryophylatta

Partner Farm: Naturally Australian Products

Location Origin: Himalayan Plains, India

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Plant Part Used: Seeds

Scent Profile: Strong, Spicy, Sweet

Viscosity: Thin

Endorsements: Fair Trade

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