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Ampersand Essential Oils



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If you love spicy, balsamic South Asian food, you'll love Cardamom essential oil. We get ours straight from our partner farm in the Himalayan Mountains—Cardamom’s natural habitat. The oil is distilled from the seed pods of an herbaceous perennial from South India.

Cardamom essential oil has been distilled since 1540. Thousands of years prior, the ancient Egyptians blended the plant with other spices and burned it as religious incense. With a pleasant, spicy smell reminiscent of cinnamon, Cardamom is used and enjoyed in modern times too.  

It's been used traditionally for digestive problems, respiratory issues, and even epilepsy, and it’s still just as useful to us today.


Latin Binomial:  Elettaria cardamomum

Partner Farm: Nisarga Farms Organic

Location Origin: Himalayan Plains, India

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Plant Part Used: Seeds

Scent Profile: Spicy, Sweet, Strong

Viscosity: Thin

Endorsements: Fair Trade

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