When we first got into contact with Aromesoil, we were incredibly excited - they are an essential oil farm that owns farms in very remote parts of Spain and Italy. The reason why this is so important is because some of the most pure and highest quality citrus essential oils come from these parts of the world. The downside with these locations is that most of these farms don't have websites or social media that you can get into contact with - making it nearly impossible to source from them unless you live locally in the area!

Aromesoil is unique in the sense that almost all of their essential oils come in both USDA Organic certified and traditional Spanish types. The scents definitely differ, and if we're being honest, we loved the traditional even more than the USDA certified ones!

Working with our partner Eva has been an incredible honor and we can't wait to source more essential oils from her! Check them out on social media and their website below to learn more.