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Instant Immunity Box

Instant Immunity Box

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Wanting to boost your immune system in an all-natural way, but not sure where to start or what essential oils to get? Snag our Immunity Box - full of essential oils that have been clinically proven to help kick toxins from your body and help you feel better every day!

Our Immunity Box comes with a fun recipe card for you to learn how to use your essential oils in your every day life - containing (3) roller blend recipes, as well as (3) diffuser blend recipes!


  • (1) 5mL Rosemary ct. verbenone Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Lemon Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Peppermint Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Wild Orange Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Oregano Essential Oil
  • (1) 10mL Empty Roller Bottle
  • (1) 5mL Empty Diffuser Blend Bottle
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