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Super Stressed Box

Super Stressed Box

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We get it. Life can throw the craziest curve balls, and it can be REALLY tough to handle. By taking a minute to breathe, it can really help keep your mental health in check and prevent you from making rash decisions or lashing out when you could have avoided it. Our Super Stressed Box is perfect for keeping yourself calm in crazy situations, no matter where you're at or what you're dealing with in life!

Our Super Stressed Box comes with a fun recipe card for you to learn how to use your essential oils in your every day life, containing (5) roller blend recipes!


  • (1) 5mL Lavender Essential Oil
  • (1) 1mL Blue Tansy Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Patchouli Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Cedarwood Himalayan Essential Oil
  • (1) 5mL Lime Essential Oil
  • (3) 10mL Empty Roller Bottles
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